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Image of Mini Layered Soap Cake with Sprinkles

Mini Layered Soap Cake with Sprinkles


Our famous Mini Layered Cake with Sprinkles Soap is one of our most popular artisan soaps. This irresistibly precious soap has notes of freshly baked cupcakes and is perfect for any occasion. Whether it's intended as a gift, a party favor, or simply to add a decorative touch to your bathroom space, this soap is an excellent addition to liven up any event or simply your daily routine. This soap cake comes to you depending on your choice: either left whole or cut in 4 slices, revealing the pink soap frosting and soap cake layers within. The outside of this soap cake is coated in a white soap frosting and covered overtop with a light pink icing drip all around. Finally, sprinkles beautifully decorate the top of this must-have soap cake.

Each order comes with 1 mini soap cake cut into 4 slices.

This product is NOT edible and is intended to be used as hand soap only.

Colors may vary slightly between batches.

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