Limited Edition Sweet Peppermint Candle - 7 oz Glass Jar with Lid


Nothing welcomes in the holiday season quite like the fragrant aroma of peppermint candies! The holidays are here and it's time to start celebrating with our limited edition sweet peppermint candle. This beautiful candle is decorated with real crushed peppermint candies along the inside of the jar and smells just like deliciously sweet peppermint candies too. Encased in a 7 oz glass jar with a wooden lid, this candle and its delicious aroma are sure to enrich your home and your holiday season.

Each order includes 1, 7-ounce glass jar peppermint candle with a wooden lid.

This product is NOT edible and is intended to be used as a candle ONLY. Please read warnings and precautions about safe candle use prior to first use.

Candle Dimensions