Candy Cake Concoction Candle - 7 oz Jar with Lid

Sold out $15.95 USD

Inspired by Funfetti cake and candy, this beautiful and colorful candle resembles just that and more. Sweet rainbow sprinkles decorate the inside of the jar to liven up any space. Once lit, the fragrance of fresh, buttery birthday cake and a delicious candy concoction will fill your room. Encased in a 7 oz glass jar with a wooden lid, this candle and its divine aroma are sure to enrich your home and bring a joyous energy also.

Each order includes 1, 7-ounce glass jar Candy Cake Concoction candle with a wooden lid.

This product is NOT edible and is intended to be used as a candle ONLY. Please read warnings and precautions about safe candle use prior to first use.

Ingredients: Soy Candle Wax, Fragrance Oils, and Sprinkles for decoration.

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